Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ALL THE FUSS: Coachella 2011

Well it took me a full day to recover and now you're probably wondering how Coachella was... Well, it was incredible. That is a stupid thing to question. For those of you who weren't lucky enough to attend, however, I will provide you with the scoop as it relates to the artists which I saw. For the artists I didn't see, I don't feel it would be right to share the feedback I heard from others, seeing how the opinions would not be first hand. To make this easier (and quicker) I'm just going to lump each performance into one of three categories below, and add a comment to help you better understand my thought process. Here we go:

Artists I would DEFINITELY see again:
Nosaj Thing - His visuals and sound are so new and refreshing you really can't compare him to any other artist out there. His innovation in sound and style are something that you CANNOT miss. One of my top 5 acts all weekend.
Magnetic Man - One of the best performances in the Sahara tent (if not the best). These guys mix beautiful instrumentals and vocals with HUGE drops of dubstep and DnB. Must see.
Cut Copy - Excellent sound live, and they really know how to get the crowd's energy going. Don't miss a chance to see them live.
A-Trak - Always a good party...
Excision - Second time I've seen him and his ability to drop the dirtiest bass-lines is unmatched. All hail the king of filth.
12th Planet - Also the second time I've seen 12th planet and he changed it up but still keeps the party going. One of my favorite dubstep DJs from the US for sure.
RLS (Russ Liquid Sound) - Glitch and Bass producer with some live instrument flare. Incorporates a lot of jazzy elements that make his style really chill. Excellent show.
Emancipator - Another of my top 5 artists I saw this weekend. Some of the best music out there. Heavy bass, but soothing melodies. Can't even describe it really just look him up HERE.
Nit Grit - BASSSSS FAACCEEEE. If you like glitch and dubstep this is the show for you. Check out some of his music HERE.
Gladkill - Sexy Sexy Sexy Bass Music. Period.
Stephan Jacobs - Excellent glitch/bass set. Been wanting to see him for a while and it definitely won't be my last experience.
Paper Diamond - KILLED IT. You will be seeing a lot more of Alex B in the future. Mark my words (AND GO SEE HIM, HE'S A BOSS).
 Gogol Bordello - MUST SEE. High energy eclectic Brazilian influenced live music. Think Flogging Molly with a Brazilian twist. The lead singer is CRAZY.
Two Door Cinema Club - One of the best live acts I saw, mainly because of the singer. He hits every note flawlessly, and you can't help but sing along.
Trentemoller - THE best live band I saw while at Coachella. Hard to explain the style. I guess electronica/indie rock? Stage presence was awesome and their set was flawless and fluid. A definite MUST SEE.
Chromeo - Top 5 live acts FOR SURE. Really solid performance and funky tunes at the same time. Hard to beat. Even had a cameo performance with the singer from Vampire Weekend.
Ratatat - ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW. Probably because I'm just a long time fan, but these guys rock.
Kanye West - I HATE Kanye. He's an ass. HOWEVER, he is one of THE BEST entertainers in the world, and you simply cannot argue with that. Great act to close out the weekend at the main stage.

Artists I'm glad I saw, but probably won't see again:

 Monarchy - Only caught the tail end and they were pretty good. May even see them again, but I'd need to do a little more listening before I do
Odd Future - Pretty cool and high energy for a rap/MC show. Mixes hip-hop with party/bass music and Pharrell made a surprise guest appearance.
Skrillex - Already seen him once and he was way better the first time. Kind of threw me off when he brought Korn out for a special guest appearance. Don't think I'll ever go to a Skrillex show again, though.
Tokimonsta - Energetic asian chick from LA with wonky beats and heavy bass. Great set, too bad I only saw it during lunch time. Wasn't really in the mood I guess.
Alf Alpha - Young up and coming DJ with some refreshing beats. Fairly simple though.
Freelance Whales - Really great live performance. A little whiny on the vocals sometimes though.
Erykah Badu - Had no idea who this was going in, and only caught the tail end, but there was some serious talent on stage. Don't miss it if you're familiar with her music. I wouldn't mind seeing her in full actually.
Sphongle - Crazy stage set up with the Sphongletron. The music can get a little too weird at points though. Otherwise pretty cool performance.
Arcade Fire - Sounded exactly like they do on their radio, but for a headliner at the main stage it wasn't anything to rave about. If you like them and haven't seen them, go.
Nas & Damian Marley - Great duo, mixes rap and reggae. This was my second time seeing them, but it was the same as the first. See them if you haven't yet though.
Wiz Khalifa - I would maybe see him again, as long as he keeps coming out with good new material. For a rapper he has a really good voice, and he does a lot of hip-hop crowd-pleasing covers.
The Strokes - Only caught the end. I want to see more, but I don't know if I'll ever make it to one of their solo shows.

Artists I would Definitely not see again:
 Interpol - Went to see them because they were supposed to have a cool stage setup... they didn't.
Jack's Mannequin - They were OK. That's all.
Broken Social Scene - Exactly what you would expect to see. Sounded just like there CD, but wasn't anything special.
Bomba Estereo - High energy Columbian music. Unique experience. Not really my style though.

That pretty much sums it up. If I had to choose a couple of my favorite performances out of all of them, though, I would have to say Nosaj Thing, Emancipator, Paper Diamond, Trentemoller, Ratatat, Chromeo, Magnetic Man, and, believe it or not, Kanye West... Go youtube some of these performances in a week or so to get a better feel, and be sure to click the artist names I just listed to grab some free tunes by all of them.

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